We are currently fully booked, please email for availabilities.  

Our Shenton Park centre was the first Smart Start center and has been running since 2004. As we approach two decades in Shenton Park we feel like we have firmly established ourselves as a part of the community! We love the community feel of Shenton Park and feel so lucky to have been able to share these wonderful facilities with the Onslow Park Tennis Club for so long as well as having been able to enjoy the company of the friendly locals! For our students who go on to Rosalie Primary School it has been so nice for us to be just next door and to have been welcomed into that part of the community. Being able to go and visit the chickens at Rosalie or seeing their lovely kitchen garden has been a really nice way to start talking about starting 'big school' and getting them excited about the next step of their learning journey. 


We feel that continuity of staff is not only essential to establish staff who understand their job role comprehensively and understand the best methods of teaching, but also for the children's well being. For children who haven't had a lot of experience being left before we feel that it is very important they can make secure connections with educators and not be disrupted by staff change overs. We always strive to keep educators very stable and have the same educators present for as much of the week as possible. 


Susan has been working at Smart Start since 2012. She is full time in Shenton Park. Susan has a Diploma in Children's Services. She is also a qualified dance teacher and enthralls the children as she takes them on magic dance journeys during our music and movement sessions.


Aku is a Diploma qualified Montessori educator and is a passionate and experienced educator.  


Caroline is a native French speaker and runs all the French activities in Shenton Park. She is also a well experienced, Diploma qualified educator. 


Sarah is a Quailfied Early Childhood Teacher who has specialised in Montessori. Sarah also has a bachelors degree in Communications and Anthropology. She obtained a high school scholarship to play the violin, has enjoyed playing with the Western Australian High School String Orchestra, the Western Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra and the Perth Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra among others. Sarah has worked with Smart Start since 2004 and is the Educational Leader.  Sarah completed her younger years in a Montessori preschool and is passionate about this type of learning in early childhood education.


Rachel is a Qualified Early Childhood Teacher who has specialised in Montessori. Rachel also has a bachelors degree in commerce and accounting, is a viola, violin and piano player and leads the music lessons with the children, while accompanying them on the piano. She has completed the Yoga Teacher Training 200 hours qualification.


We are located within the grounds of the Onslow Park Tennis Club, right next to the Rosalie Primary School. At the top of Onslow Road, within walking distance, is the Shenton Park Train Station.


Fees/ hours:

At Shenton Park, we are an approved provider, so parents can get the CCB and Childcare rebate for this centre. Places for  2019 are now being allocated so email us an enrolment form if you would like to secure a place now. The fee for the full day, 8am to 4 pm, without the childcare benefit or rebate is $105 per day.

Our Shenton Park centre is open 5 days per week : Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. It runs from 8am to 4pm.


Special Extra Activites that are incorporated in our program:



French and Spanish


Brain Gym

Full Montessori program provided by Montessori qualified staff


Physical Environment:

We are so lucky in Shenton Park to have endless space for the children to play outside, I think it would be safe to say no other childcare centre in Perth would have any where near the amount of space to child ratio that we have! Our grass is preened every few days with the utmost care by the tennis club gardeners and makes a wonderful playing surface for the children. We do lots of ball skills with the children, set up obstacle courses and have small climbing structures for them to play on and climb. Our lovely open classroom here provides for easy supervision of all the children and has lots of natural light and a view that extends beyond the greenery of the courts, to the surrounding Onslow Park and Kings Park beyond.