We find that if the parents are involved in their child’s development and education at home then the children make much quicker progress. It doesn’t seem like a large amount every day needs to be spent, maybe two or three minutes doing some writing or drawing to develop their hand strength and coordination and a few minutes playing a little game to learn the letters or numbers. It sounds really easy, but I know as a parent the day flies by and often it is really hard to fit in a few minutes of something every single day! Do your best and use what time you have, every minute will make a big difference. To help you with this we want to make that precious time used as productively as we can so if you have time and interest, please have a look at our reading and writing videos on youtube as well as a quick read of our basic run down of how to teach the letters and numbers, download the pdf below. The letter cards with pictures can be printed two per page on cardstock and used to play the three part lesson at home. 



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Parents provide lunches and snacks for children at all our centres. We encourage healthy eating and drinking water at all times. There is a lot of information online and ideas for healthy lunch boxes. Here are some links to healthy eating guidelines. 

Healthy Eating for Children

Food for kids 

Healthy Drinks for Your Toddler

Tips for parents on problem eating habits in school-aged children