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French preschool Perth
Learn french through games and play Perth

French Preschool Program

At Smart Start, we believe in providing a nurturing and stimulating environment where young minds can thrive. One of the key advantages we offer is our exceptional French immersion program. Enrolling your child in our bilingual preschool can be one of the best decisions you make for their future. Here’s why:

Cognitive Benefits

Studues show bilingual program enhances brain growth, leading to better cognitive function and intellectual development. Bilingual children tend to do better at solving puzzles and complex tasks, thanks to the mental flexibility developed through learning a second language. Learning another language strengthens memory skills, which can give your child an academic edge. Mastering two languages helps children switch between tasks with ease, a skill that will benefit them throughout life. Additionally, our immersive approach stimulates creativity and encourages out-of-the-box thinking.

Academic Excellence

Research shows that bilingual children often outperform their peers in various academic areas, including reading, writing, and math. By understanding the structure of French, your child can enhance their grasp of English grammar and vocabulary. Moreover, bilingual students frequently score higher on standardized tests, particularly in verbal and reading sections.

Social Advantages

Our program introduces children to diverse cultures, fostering an appreciation and understanding of the world. Being bilingual allows your child to connect with a wider range of people, enriching their social experiences. Exposure to different languages and cultures nurtures empathy and social sensitivity, helping your child develop into a well-rounded individual.

Personal Growth

Mastering a new language boosts self-esteem and confidence, empowering your child to take on new challenges. Early exposure to a second language can spark a lifelong passion for learning and linguistic curiosity. Bilingualism also opens doors to travel, study, and work opportunities worldwide, preparing your child for a global future.

Health and Wellbeing

Bilingualism is linked to delayed onset of dementia and other age-related cognitive declines. Regularly switching between languages keeps the brain agile, promoting overall mental health and maintaining mental agility.

Our French Teacher 

Perth French Childcare

Hi, I am Sylvie and I am originally from France, moving to England in my twenties. I have worked in the education system for over 10 years, first as a secondary school teacher’s assistant and then as a high school teacher. I have also taught adults French, as well as being a primary school French teacher. In the late 2000s I moved to Australia with my family. Following a passion for the Early Years Education I decided to move into preschool teaching and studied a Certificate Three, followed by a Diploma in Early Childhood and Care, after joining Smart Start.


I love the approach of Montessori teaching because it has an emphasis on hands-on independent learning. I find in this method children gain confidence in their abilities much faster than in a traditional childcare setting. I also love the way Montessori classrooms are mixed-age because this arrangement allows for children to learn from one another, teach one another, and develop life skills such as inclusion and acceptance.

I am the French teacher here at Smart Start and I firmly believe that the most effective way to teach young children a second language is by engaging them in activities that they love and they find fun. Whether it be playing games, singing, drawing, or dancing, a child who is having fun is engaged and learning at their best. I take advantage of playtime to introduce new words or phrases. Repetition is key and therefore I do a lot of French games such as Cache-cache, Le Facteur, Crocodile game, and Va Toucher. I am always inventing and finding new and fun games to help the children develop their skills and their love of learning!

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